The Yellow Rose Society

Alan LeQuire’s sculpture at Centennial Park  includes five women who were involved in Tennessee’s ratification of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. The figures are Anne Dallas Dudley of Nashville (front right), Frankie Pierce of Nashville (back left), Carrie Chapman Catt (national suffrage leader who came to Tennessee for the final battle – front left), Sue Shelton White of Jackson (back center), and Abby Crawford Milton of Chattanooga (back right).

Thirty-six states were required to ratify the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920 so that women could win the right to vote. The Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument, Inc., is a statewide grassroots organization that seeks to memorialize the work done by Tennessee suffragists when they worked to secure ratification of the 19th Amendment by placing a monument in the capital city of Nashville.

Since The Perfect 36 Society reached its financial goal and provided the seed money, many people are still asking how they can be part of supporting this significant work of public art. The answer is The Yellow Rose Society. To join, send your check for $500 or more payable to TWSM, Inc., to Yvonne Wood, 405 Westland Dr., Lebanon, TN 37087. The deadline to join has been extended, space permitting, to have your name engraved around the monument.

You can make donations of less than $500 by clicking here.

The following individuals are members of The Yellow Rose Society:

Abbey Adkins – Nashville

Lainie J. Allbee – Mt. Juliet

Darlene Austin – Nashville

Betta Lea Bain – Harriman

Melinda S. Balser – Nashville

E. Menie Kabigting Bell – Nashville

Cynthia Bennett – Nashville

Wanda Miller Benson – Nashville

Carol B. Berz – Chattanooga

Virginia Trotter Betts – Nashville

Jacqueline Blanch – Memphis

Christine Bradley – Nashville

Jan Lewis Brandes – Nashville

Cecil Branstetter – Nashville

Charlotte Branstetter – Nashville

Mary Barrett Brewer – Nashville

Cathy Stewart Brown – Nashville

Katherine Y. Brown – Nashville

Shallenberger Brown – Nashville

Louise Hall Browning – Nashville

L.K. Browning – Franklin

Vanessa Pettigrew Bryan – Franklin

Linda Doherty Buckles – Kingsport

Rebecca Ann Burke – Franklin

Martha Ann Burton  – Mt. Juliet

Jean L. Byassee – Nashville

Wynne du Mariau Caffey-Knight – Knoxville

Rose P. Cantrell – Nashville

Gale Jones Carson – Memphis

Genny Carter – Nashville

Jacqueline Sontany Carter – Murfreesboro

Denty Cheatham – Nashville

Will T.  Cheek – Nashville

Grace Chermely – Knoxville

Julia Chermely – Knoxville

Sue Chilton – Nashville

Eliza Lo Chin – Piedmont, CA

Karen T. Christensen –  Lebanon

Laurie Christensen – Drummonds

Haley Rochelle Clark – Brentwood

Karen Noel Cochran – Nashville

Stephen I. Cohen – Memphis

Chase Cole – Nashville

Lynn D. Constan  –  Cookeville

Minnie Malone Cook – Memphis

Norma Cox Cook – Knoxville

Hortense P. Cooper – Nashville

Nancy King Crawford – Hendersonville

Laura Creekmore – Nashville

Constance Marie Bower Cromwell – Franklin

Elizabeth Buckner Crook – Nashville

B. Claire Crouch – Cosby

Hollie Larsen Cummings – Brentwood

Mary Francis Cunnyngham – Cleveland

Terri Curran – Crossville

Frances Bond Davis – Nashville 

Donna R. Davis-Beltz – Knoxville

Bob Day – Nashville

Elizabeth E. DeBauche – Nashville

Roberta Ellen Dickerson-Gebhard – Grand Island, NY

Deborah L. Dixon – Nashville

Bernice Bouie Donald – Memphis

Janice O. Donelson – Memphis

Lewis R. Donelson – Memphis

Dianne Shofner Doochin – Nashville

Patty Dougherty – Memphis

Guilford Dudley, III – Tijeras, NM

Denise D. Duncan – Lakeland

Mary Estelle Eason  – Oak Ridge

Margaret Emmett – Oak Ridge

Annette S. Eskind – Nashville

Laurie Gold Eskind – Nashville

Alpha Farr Hembree Eve – Harriman

Ellen E. Fite – Memphis

Craig Fitzhugh – Ripley

Helen Delores Ford – Memphis

Beth Fortune – Brentwood

Amy Goldman Fowler – Memphis

Cary Fowler – Memphis

Grace B. Freeman – Greenville, MS

Nancy Fullerton – Nashville

Beulah Garrett – Lebanon

Doug Gillon – Memphis

Martha Claire Gillon – Germantown

William A. Gillon – Germantown

Jerry Gist – Jackson

Patricia Pierce Goss – Harriman

Judy Stanfill Graham – South Pittsburg

Judy B. Greenwood – Kingston Springs

Ina Sue Groves – Knoxville

Farzanna S. Haffizulla – Davie, FL

Anne M. Hall – Murfreesboro

Laura Hall – Huntsville

Ruth Ann Harnisch – Hampton Bays, NY

Luvenia R. Harrison – Nashville

Joyce Harkins Harvey – Waverly

Barbara Haynes – Goodlettsville

Katherine Van Deusen Hely – Chattanooga

Lynn Victoria Day Hembree – Signal Mountain

Trevania Dallas Dudley Henderson – Boston, MA

Roy Herron – Dresden

Nancy Miller-Herron – Dresden

Suzanna W. Hershey – Nashville 

Linda J. Higgins – Jackson

Mary Wyatt High – Nashville

Erin Kate High – Nashville

Bernice Kephart Hinson – Nashville

Mary Lee Wible Hoge –  Nashville

Laura Hollingsworth – Nashville

Saletta Holloway – Nashville

Linda L. Holmes – Memphis

Ashley Joan Horne – Nashville

Vicki Horne – Brentwood

Helen L. Huff – Nashville

Susan Allen Huggins – Nashville

Martha Ingram – Nashville

Laura Jack – Danville, KY

Sheri Orenstein Jacobs – Nashville

Patricia Brown James – Murfreesboro

Ruth Johnson – Nashville

Mina Johnson – Nashville

Barbara E. Jones – Mobile, AL

Lynda Jones – Nashville

Mary Loventhal Jones – Nashville

Jill Jones-Lazuka – Cookeville

Adela Andal Kabigting – Nashville

Anne Keeney – Memphis

Mike Keeney – Memphis

Edith Kelly-Green – Memphis

Pamela Dunn Kidd – Nashville

Holly Kirby – Memphis

Charlotte Knight Griffin – Memphis

Rosalind C. Kurita – Clarksville

Sara P. Kyle – Memphis

Carolyn HHS Landreth – Monterey

Jane Evins Leonard – Smithville

Acadia LeQuire – Nashville

Susan N. Folger Lodal – Kingsport

Virginia Lodge – Nashville

Sandra Galbraith Long – White House

Elizabeth Hudgins Longmire – Hendersonville

Wendy L. Longmire – Nashville

Kim Harvey Looney – Nashville

Andrea J. Loughry – Murfreesboro

Mary J. MacRae – Ashland City

Susan Mallory – Memphis

Wanda Hembree Manning – Rockwood

LaQuita Martin  – Nashville

Theresa M. Mauer – Memphis

Jacqueline Davis Mayo – Memphis

Sara Helen McCarron –  Lubbock,  TX

Sara Prindle McCarron – Houston, TX

Mary H. McDaniel – Collierville

Katherine L. McGill – Nashville

Barbara Meadows – Joelton

Kim McMillan – Clarksville

Rita Mitchell – Nashville

Jacqueline Walton Mitchell – Mt. Juliet

George Crawford Jackson Moore – West Palm Beach, FL

Hazel Moore – Memphis

Kimbrough B. Mullins – Memphis

Gail Murray – Memphis

Marty Nord – Nashville

Sallie King Norton – Nashville

Ambra Offutt – Goodlettsville

Sarah McConnell Ognibene – Memphis

Birdie Cunningham Orr – Farmington

Marian Ott – Nashville

Anna Lou Webb Owens – Dyer

Barbara Ann Owens – Franklin

Kimberlyn Casey Owens-Hughes – Franklin

Anna Page – Nashville

Rose Palermo – Nashville

Gayley Patterson – Nashville

Mary Anita Patterson – Mt. Juliet

Barbara Paul – Nashville

Joyce D.  Peacock – Nashville

Marjorie Thrower Peek- Franklin

Craig Philip – Nashville

Martha Martin Pile – Clarksville

Patricia McClellan Poole – Nashville

Gracie R. Porter – Nashville

Jeanne S. Preston – Franklin

Ann Jarvis Pruitt – Nashville

Phyllis Qualls-Brooks – Antioch

Evelyn Irene Raines – Bells

Janice Carol Redmond – Bristol

Charlotte Stout Reynolds – Crossville

Lois Riggins-Ezzell – Nashville

Beverly C. Robertson – Memphis

Marilyn Robinson – Nashville

Ellen Robinson Rolfes – Memphis

Cheryl Wurzburg Rubenstein – Memphis

Mary Linden Salter – Nashville

Marlene Sanders – Antioch

Elizabeth Tran Byassee Saum – Nashville

Linda Peek Schacht – Franklin

Jeanette Faith Schatz – Nashville

Annie B. Schledwitz – Memphis

Stacey Schlitz – Franklin

Mary Jane Burton Scott –  Mt. Juliet

Joyce Espy Searcy – Nashville

Linda Warren Seely – Jackson

Martha Shepard – Dickson

Marietta Shipley – Nashville

Susan Simons – Nashville

Millie May Sims – Nashville

Pearl Sims – Nashville

Sadie Lee Sims – Nashville

Sophia Lee Sims  – Nashville

Paula Skahan – Memphis

Alexandra Smith-Hiles – Columbia

Maida Pearson Smith – Memphis

Melissa Smith – Guthrie, KY

Calvin Smyre – Columbus, GA

Tammy Sneed – Millington

Paula Snyder – Franklin

Jamie Elaine Sontany –  Nashville

Holly Spann – Nashville

Brenda S. Speer – Pulaski

Felicitas I. Spence – Nashville

Seth Stanger – Cookeville

Frank Stevens, Jr. – Franklin

Nicole Stranch – Memphis

Patty Stranch – Franklin

Victoria Stranch – Memphis

Kendall Stivers – London, KY

Jim Strickland – Memphis

Melyne Strickland – Memphis

Hope S. Stringer – Nashville

Kathleen Strehl Swineford  – Dickson

Victoria Elisabeth Surratt – Stantonville

Edith L. Taylor – Oak Ridge

Elizabeth Tipping – Joelton

Candy Toler – Nashville

LoLita D. Toney – Nashville

Johnnie R. Turner – Memphis

Tamara Turner – Memphis

Abigail Tylor – Nashville

Eleanor Tylor – Nashville

Osta M. Underwood – Nashville

Jeanne Varnell – Memphis

Jennifer J. Verner – Nashville

Stacie Martin Waddell – Memphis

Emily Foster Walker – Brentwood

Lisa E. Walker – Ashland City

Jeanette Wattinger Warren – Germantown

Beverly L. Watts – Nashville

Faye J. Weaver – Nashville

Whitney Weeks – Nashville

Lain Whitaker – Memphis

Judy Gail Beasley Whitehill – Murfreesboro

Jerry B. Williams – Nashville

Lynn Stinnett Williams – Nashville

Felicia Carole Wilt – Nashville

Ishmael Murphy Wood – Lebanon

George Andrew Wood – Hendersonville

Marc Alan Wood – Lebanon

Sylvia S. Woods – Knoxville

Minda Leigh Wurzburg – Memphis

Brenda P. Wynn – Nashville

Cynthia Brunson Yancey – Mars Hill, NC

Lynn Hardy Yeakel – Rosemont, PA

Theresa Zuckowsky – Nashville